The Top 5 most used apps in 2018

The Top 5 most used Apps in 2018

Let’s have a look at the top 5 most used apps in 2018 So many Android apps come out every day that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. The google play store and offer up the best Android apps available.

2.Google Drive

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Google Drive is a cloud storage solution available on android where all new users get 15GB for free storage permanently upon signing up you can, of course, buy more if needed. what makes google drive so special is the suite of Android apps that are attached to it they include google docs, google sheets, google slides , google photos, Gmail, google calendar and google keep between the office apps , the photos app (which allows unlimited photo and video backup ) and keep for note taking you have apps the photos app for practically anything you need have to do In terms of productivity. Some of the features of these apps include live collaboration deep sharing features, and compatibility with Microsoft office documents Microsoft has a similar setup with  OneDrive and office. However, Google’s solution is just easier to use.

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2.Best remote control app: unified remote

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This time unified remote app is the best remote control app it uses Bluetooth or wifi to remote control your pc and comes preloaded with support for more than many popular programs. It supports windows Linux, and mac, and requires a server program to be installed.

Using unified remote, you can remotely wake up your computer from sleep using its “wake on LAN’’ feature all the necessary features like screen mirroring keyboard an mouse, media player controls etc.

Are available within this app you can even use it to control a raspberry pi and Arduino Yun.

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3.Next lock screen(freemium)

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Next lock screen was developed by Microsoft  to let you customize your Android device with a very elegant look the first thing you’ll notice is that next lock screen syncs with your calendar app so you can see dates and meetings directly from your lock screen other more important notifications such as missed call, emails, and text messages will also still appear ahead of your calendar.

Because next lock screen looks different to the standard Android layout, it effectively forces you to return learn your home screen which is jarring but it has already amassed many devotees and recently won the best lock screen like having a new phone without needing to pay for the upgrade.

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4.Driving detective

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Driving detective: driving detective is a great way to put a stop to that. The app automatically detects when you’re  in a moving car and puts your phone in do not disturb silencing notification until you exit the vehicle

Using mobile devices while driving is extremely dangerous drivers have a responsibility towards the other traffic participants to not use their phones when they are driving

Notification grab the user’s attention, unfortunately, they also distract drivers silencing alerts while driving reduces the urge to interact with mobile devices

Do not disturb is an android feature which gives the user control over alerts specifically which alerts are allowed to notify the user and when.

Driving detective does not use any GPS data to detect driving. Detection is done completely on the device. Detection  stops either by walking a short distance away from the car or remaining parked for more than 15 minutes

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5.Google play music (free)

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google play music the app can read both your files and the music you like online additionally you can upload tens of thousands of song to the service for free youtube is kind of a given, or what you want. Instant start radio stations based on songs artists or albums or browse by genre, activity, decade, and more.

Songs can be download on the mobile apps for offline playback and on computers  through the music manage app